Saturday, March 17, 2012

Get your bikes ready for the season!

Hey Team!
Well - if this weather hasn't convinced you that it's time to roll........what will!?!?!?

(Rumor has it that even the Queen of Fair Weather Riders Katie Clark has moved her bike for the basement to the garage!)

So - here's the thing ...your sponsoring shop wants you to get your bike running smooth and ready for the season so from now untill the end of the month Velo City is offering you 30% off any tune up, service work and/or parts.

As you probably are aware - Jeremy here @ the shop is the Head Mechanic of the Entire National Ride Program, and new-guy-Nate will be working the Rides w/ MC this season.

These dudes know they're way around a bike - that's all we're sayin'.

So - drop 'em off - we'll turn 'em around fast so MC and Coach Did won't have a chance to bug you about why you're not riding!

Ride on!


1 comment:

Katie said...

It's a lie - my road bike is still in the basement. Don't let him fool you, my friends! (my mountain bike is on the rack it's been on since Oct of last year in the garage).