Tuesday, April 10, 2012

No excuse to stay home Saturday

Saturday, April 14th is a big day in west Michigan JDRF land. There is the inaugural DuneCross race in Saugatuck in the morning. This is a fund raiser that benefits the ride accounts of Cliff Lewis and Nicole Nellis. Then in the evening Jake's Music Festival takes place at the Wealthy Theatre in Grand Rapids. This eighth annual event is a major fundraiser for Tom, Mary and Ian Scheidel.

So don't even think about staying home Saturday. Here is a possible itinerary that I'm sure at least a couple of our team mates will follow.
Get up early and drive to Saugatuck
Race in DuneCross
Go home and clean up
Drive to Grand Rapids
Attend Jake's Music Festival
Go home with the knowledge that you've helped several of your team mates get a little bit closer to their goal.
(And if you bring friends we'll all get that much closer that much sooner.)

For more info on DuneCross click HERE

For more info on Jake's Music Festival click HERE

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