Monday, April 23, 2012

First Team Ride o' the Season Report!

Whatta GREAT turn-out for the 1st training ride of the season for the World's Coolest Team!

At least 31 riders convened @ Katie & Steve Clark's place in Grandville to brave strong winds and brisk temps.

Here's a list of the attendance - w/ the qualifier that the 2 of us that came up w/ it (MC n/ Did) had 100+ miles in our legs by then and that Did tends to mumble when stuffing his face!

New Riders:
Lindsey S
Laura B
Jeff B
Paul C

Prospective Riders / Special Guest Stars:
Amie B
Donna K
Susan W
Cam L
Dane D
Deb (didn't get last name, dang!)
Sarah S
Laurie (ditto dang!)

Annnnd....Veteran Riders:

Tom S
Becky M
Chris M
Coach Did
Kirsten D
Linda C
Cliff L
Nicole N
Linda T-P
Katie C
Steve C
Nick C
Diana S
Tom M
Mike H
Cindy A
Chris R
 and.....your trusty reporter Coach MC

Post ride festivities involved the demolition of a huge pan of "Mexican lasagne", Kaat's B-Day cake, J2's birthday cookies (many of which didn't make it 'til the end of the ride, a big pot o' queso, assorted fruits, candies and....of course....your basic etc!

All in all 'twas a powerful start to what stands to be a powerful season!

Thanks to the G'Ville Clarks for the hospitality - thanks to everyone for coming out and sending our ol' "friend" type 1 the messa ge that - once again - the World's Coolest Team is after your butt!

Next Ride - SUNDAY APRIL 29 - ADA PARK - 2:00PM. See you there!

Thanks for reading  - keep recruiting - every ride (yes, including DV) is still open despite record numbers of riders registering.

See you soon, keep being the rockstars that you ALL are!

Coach MC


did said...

It's your own fault for bringing enchisanga AND birthday cake.

MC said...

WHAT'S my own fault????