Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Last weekend and the weekend after next

Attention World's Coolest Team! Let's all band our hands together for the awesomeness that was our last team ride - right AFTER we re-read MC's notes about Tahoe.

Got it? Got shivers runnin' up and down your spine? Oh yeah.

OK! So, Saturday's roll call:
Cindy A
Patti B as in BikeFace
Clarks K, L, M, and S
Team Coury
Lori H who dang I hope rides with us next year
J2, aka Medium Jasker
Cliff & Nic
Becky M
Tom, Packer of Bikes
Team Scheidel
Bionic Diana
Michelle C
Hostess LTP
Host Paul W & son (who's name I failed miserably to catch, but rode the first loop on a beeftastic mountain bike so NO COMPLAINING!
and giddy diddy. Sorry about my productivity, there, Uncle Herman, though you should expect it by now.

Massive thanks go to the Weningers for again opening up their fantastic place to us, and for watching our various kids, and for the food and the lake and the lake and the food! This is another one of those really big deal highlight super-duper training rides that we like to talk up on the coaches conference calls. It's a highlight of the summer!

Ooooh, just had another Tahoe shiver. Mmmmm.

More thoughts and info will no doubt be coming your way in the next week, so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

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