Monday, August 27, 2012


Hey Tahoe Team - here's a few thoughts from yer ol' Coach that might make your time in Lake Tahoe better..........

First off - please make sure your bike shipping is under control! Gold Riders that haven't made arrangements to get their bikes to the JDRF Chapter Office by this Wednesday need to contact me asap! Silver/Bronze riders that haven't firmed up their bike shipping plans need to do so - and contact Coach Did if you need help!

The route is 72 miles around "Big Blue" (as the locals refer to Lake Tahoe). There's about 2600' of vertical gain - most of which happens @ about Mile 13 (the 800" switchback climb up over Emerald Bay) and Mile 53 (the 1000' grinder up to Spooner Junction*).  The elevation is between 6300' & 7100' so that can be an issue as well. The roads surface is mostly good.

The 1st 20-some miles (after we leave the main road thru S Lake Tahoe and head north) is 2 lane w/ minimal shoulder and lotsa curves and ups and downs. Traffic is fairly thick so single-file/ defensive riding will be critical!

I'd recommend that you pack for chilly weather at the start. We ARE gonna be @ 6300' feet & the forecast for this weekend calls for lows in the 40's. That would jibe w/ the last couple of years I was there. Full-finger gloves, arm and knee warmers and even a jacket or vest would be pretty nice to have! (You'll be able to drop 'em @ a food stop w/ a JDRF staffer)

Speakin' of food stops - my recollection is that they are plenty good! Boiled potatoes! Strawberries! Keep in mind that we will be 145 of 2000+ riders so the roads, porta-john lines and fodd stops will be "buzzier" than you've seen at "JDRF-only" Rides.

The hotel (Embassy Suites) is not only plenty nice - but on the right side of the dreaded Ca/Nev line. (Okay - there might be just a smidge of my hatred for All Things Casino peeking through there). The town has tons of cool lil' shops, pubs, cafes etc. I DO recommend takin' the tram ride up to the top of the mountain - although there's likely better ways to spend 20 bux than on a burger and fires @ the restaurant up top.

Okay - I think that about covers it. I hope Lake Tahoe is ready for us!

By the way - didja know that as a team we are only $485.63 away from first place in the Chapter Fund-Raising?!?!?!? Let's kick it into gear and catch them cheeseheads!!!!!!!!!

Okay - see ya'll in S.L.T. next week if not before!

You guys are the best (our entire team that is!), you know that, right?

Coach MC

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Kirsten said...

Ha, I have well over $1k worth of checks sitting here waiting for me to get them to Cathy and more rolling in...take that, *other* Cheeseheads! This MI Cheesehead is gonna take ya' down, der hey, uff da!