Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Yep -

Last Sunday's ride from Chris-n-Kim Monk's place in Ada was one for the books! Check it out:

A huge turnout! Had to've been one of the biggest ever. Great to see!

A perfect route - courtesy of Coach "D-is-for-diabolical" Did. ("Perfect" as in "perfect training for Nashville" that is, not "perfect" in the "Perfect for a relaxing ride in the country" perhaps)

A fantastic, delicious, refreshing post-ride party around and in the pool! (Many many MANY thanks to the Monks for their heapin' helpin' of hospitality. (Name that TV reference and win a prize!)

Imma gonna try and list the attendance...apologies in advance if my sun-baked brain misses someone.

The first loop was Kaat, Ross, Kirsten, Did, Peter, Sarah, all 3 Scheidels, Kim, LTP, Cindy, Scott and myself.

For the 2nd loop we lost a few but added all 4 Clarks, Becky, Pea, Chris, Linda, Michelle, Nick & Paul C!

The heat was high. The hills were many. And yet - BikeFace was had and fun was too! That route was just what we need to be ready for NV and Death Valley - so no hatin' on Coach Did...he was watchin' out for y'all!

And besides - alla that work made those burgers and brats taste that much better, no?

(and that pool..............daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang!)

Okay - the road to a cure for Type 1 lies ahead of us, not behind! So - here's what's comin' up fast!

Saturday 7/20 - the Holland Hundred. You oughta have the details on this by now but there's a blog post AND a FaceBook invite out there.

Sunday 7/28 - Team Ride. (Details to come asap)

Sunday 8/3 - 12 Hours of Pando

Sunday 8/4 - Team Ride. Tour de Taco from our house in Holland.

Saturday 8/10 ODRAM

Sunday 8/11 - MARDO

Keep rockin' and rollin' you guys - you're the best there ever was!

Coach MC

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