Monday, July 8, 2013


"ODRAM" is the One Day Ride Across Michigan...the coolest century-and-a-half you'll ever ride! It runs from Montague to Bay City, is about as flat as a ride that long can be AND is a benefit for several of your team mates!

Is that a win / win  / win or what?

Seriously - this ride is highly recommended. The route is easy and smooth, the mid-way lunch and post-ride cookout are yummy (word is there are even more food stops this year!) and the organization is first rate. You'll see plenty of your teammates that day - either rolling or running the ride.

Date - 8/10
Cost - $30 (pre-reg deal still good for registered JDRF riders)
More Info -

Whassat? What's MARDO? I'm so glad you  asked! MARDO is something a few of us dreamed up a few years ago. Basically - we stay in Bay City after ODRAM and ride back the next day. It should be noted that MARDO is completely unsupported - we follow the road markings in reverse, stop @ gas stations and are on our own. However - there's no better way to get 300+ miles in a weekend, find out why MC has been called the "Brad Pitt of Morley" and have a lotta fun!

Date - 8/11 (duh)
Cost - whatever you spend on food and chamois butter
More Info - get ahold of MC, Kaat or Derek.

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