Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Great Northern Ride this Sunday

Hey all -

I've been buggin' for a team ride up in my neck o' the woods just about from day one. This Sunday, July 15, I get my wish - start time is 11 AM from Montague Township Park! It's dumb near bicycle paradise up here - I can promise lots of nice country roads, great scenery, and minimal motorized traffic. I can also promise a few nice, long, steady hills (with matching downhills!) that are great training for Whitefish or Death Valley. Finally, I can promise an ice cream stop as we roll back into town, so stick a few bucks in your pocket!

I'm figuring 45 miles, with an option for 36. I'll have the usual maps and cue sheets available.

Now, since I'm sure EVERYONE on our team won't want to miss this, I've had a little mapping festival. Some of you folks out West might want to carpool.

Map from Grand Rapids

Map from Holland

Map from Cedar Springs

Map from Kalamazoo

Map from Chicago

Map from Dallas

Map from Denver

Map from Los Angeles

If anyone's got any questions, leave a comment (or ask your mentor to get in touch with me) and I'll do my best to answer. Thus far even the weather forecast looks decent!

See you soon!


Tom & Mary Scheidel said...

Darn. We won't be there. We'll be out of town, but we will be dropping off XS energy drink, water and T-shirts to Derek's so everyone can stock up.

Katie said...

hahahha... Google Map Madman strikes again.

We'll be there. Spent many a night at township park in my youth.

Nicole said...

Funny, Katie didn't mention what she was DOING at township those nights during her formative years. Hmmmm... If anyone wants a synopsis, let me know. I might have been her annoying kid cousin, but I was pretty observant too. :)

Also planning to be there this Sunday. Who's bringing swimsuits for a quick mid-ride jump into Stony Lake?