Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Make money with water

We just received 100 cases of H2Ultra Fitness Water from our sponsor XS Energy Drink. Just like the energy drink (see the July 5 blog entry) the water is available for us to sell and make money for the Ride Team. Check out this link for more information on H2Ultra.

So here's the program. H2Ultra retails on their web site for $1.30 to $3.00 a bottle depending on how many cases you buy. We are planning on selling it at events for $1.00 a bottle. Team members can buy it for 50 cents per bottle when purchased in a case of 12. (That's $6.00) These are half liter bottles and the water is engineered for better fitness. These will sell fast at $1.00 at any outdoor summer event.

As with the XS Energy Drink let Tom or Mary Scheidel know if you would like some H2Ultra.

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