Wednesday, March 19, 2008

$10,074 and change

That's how much we raised in the last three months (December, January, February) working at Van Andel Arena - an average of about $10.50 an hour, per person. And that's without any major concerts - the current quarter has several of those. The Kid Rock concert alone brought us almost $3000 between sales and tips. Grand Rapids Rampage fans eat like you wouldn't believe - wanna help feed their appetite and put $$$ in your fundraising account (and have fun doing it)? Contact Mary at the JDRF office for more info!

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club-velo said...

Friends, Romans, Countrymen(and wimmin), Team mates...lend me your ears.......

Working @ Van Andel with Cindy and her band of JDRF-Misfits is a STONE COLD BLAST! You are missin' out on BIG FUN in addition to missin' out on the best fund-raiser we've seen for this Team yet. can even get friends and fam to work on your behalf, how cool is that?! We all owe Cindy Aley a HUGE THANK YOU for not only gettin' this money- train a-rollin' but for all the work she does keeping it (and us!) on the tracks. Don't miss this chance to bond wit'cher Teammies and put some funds in your Asheville or DV accounts. (Yes Nicole it's "Way West Michigan" folks are missin' out again! Sorry!)

Contact Mary @ the office if you need Cindy's e-mail, I know she's gettin' a little squeamish about floodin' everybody's inbox /w Van Andel info unless you ask for it.

Other stuff: I hope to have the Team Ride Schedule up on the website by this weekend and lotsa other Training Stuff as well. It's the FIRST DAY OF SPRING as I write this and clear roads and sunny skies aren't far behind!

Our Death Valley reservations are only good through tomorrow and after that......YOU MIGHT NOT GET IN!!!! Please register today and feel free to (gently!) bug your friends and family that have expressed an interest but have yet to "saddle up" 'cuz we'd hate to have someone want to go and miss out! As of yesterday we were about 38 riders strong.....good but not nearly as many as were talkin' about it last Fall!

I can't wait to ride wit'choo guys!