Monday, March 24, 2008


A friend just asked me if I was going to participate in the "TourdeCure" today. I know nothing about it other than what I just read on the site, but it does seem appropriate for us, and a local event. I see it's put on by the ADA (June 21.)
There's a requred donation of at least $150 + a $25 registration fee. It looks fully supported, so it might make for a nice safe training ride.
"Recreational and avid cyclists alike can experience a scenic ride through the Michigan countryside. Chose one of six routes designed to present the right level of challenge for your ability. No matter which ride you choose, you'll have a great day while doing good in the fight against diabetes.
Start your day off right with bagels, fruit, and juice for breakfast. Rest Stops complete with sports drinks, water and an assortment of fruit and snacks will be available every 10-15 miles. Throughout the ride, you'll be fully supported by our team of volunteers including SAG wagons, bike techs and medical help if needed."


Tom & Mary Scheidel said...

This is my personal feeling and does not reflect official JDRF policy. That being said I would not do the "tour De Cure". ADA donates very little money to Type 1 research, roughly 2% of what JDRF donates. Also, if they charge $175 for their ride, I'd rather put that money toward going to Death Valley. That is just my opinion, others feel free to disagree.


Katie said...

Anyone who does do this ride, definitely wear your JDRF Ride to Cure jersey, and work on the recruitment aspect for our ride.

I'm with Tom on where the money goes. I need my money going to the cure.

club-velo said...

Our shop has supported this ride over the years.....they seem like nice enough folks and all but I kinda side w/ Tom and Katie if they're agenda is that much different than "ours". (JDRF)

Still.....a good ride is a good ride and if we are down there sportin' our spankin'-new TeamTraining Jerseys mebbe we can drum up some interest!
(Save something for the Team Ride the following day though!


ZipMike said...

I'm leaning on the side of participating. I like that it's very local to me and supported. I also think about what ADA's brought to us in the form of Camp Midicha (camp for diabetic kids) & how that's helped Taylor.
If I do it I'll wear the jersey and grab marketing material from the office. Heck, I could probably sell some jerseys while there!
I'll let you all know if I sign up.

Katie said...

It would be good training (and hopefully not as hot as DV!). Good luck.