Friday, March 21, 2008

Time flies

One year. 52 weeks. 365 days.

It's all the same amount of time we've been keeping this blog up to date.

In this past year, we've posted 146 topics that were viewed in 7500 visits by 1112 distinct visitors from 21 countries across the globe.

People from 44 of our 50 United States have viewed our blog and therefore, have been brought up to speed on what a great group we are and what an awesome thing we are doing.

61% of the visitors are coming from our email/blog links, and other referred places. 31% is coming from Direct Links and 8% from search engines.

(oh, and if you know anyone in say... Wyoming, New Mexico, N or S Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont, or Delaware - get them to visit this blog! :-)

Let Katie know if you want to do more than comment on the blog. We invite any team member to join us.
And finally, check out the cool new stuff (training plans, team training ride, etc.) on the Rider Info page on our website!


Anonymous said...

you are a web wizard and all your hard work has been recognized by many. Awesome job. I am wishing my almighty wizard you would wave your magic mouse and bring us some sunny warm weather.

did said...

Can we have a Winter Training Camp in Arizona next year? Michigan is made of ugly right now; it took me an hour to drive from Spring Lake to Grand Rapids tonight to work the High School Musical (On Ice! Just Like My Drive!) show, and I that was a lot better than the folks who had to drive up from South of GR.

But, yeah, Katie has internet in her veins. If she gets a cut, little HTML tags leak out. When they start to have little /'s in front of them, the bleeding stops.


Tom & Mary Scheidel said...

Nerd :-}

ZipMike said...

I pointed my bro-in-law to the site, so we should have a visitor from Vermont soon.

WindyBoy said...


Here is a long distance call from The Cowboy State!! I will certainly pass the word around the office about the work you, Steve and Nic have done. I've already told plenty of people about Ellie and they always feel so sad.

I tell them that it has brought our family together and you, Steve and Nic have become so determined!

Keep up the good work!


P.S. I may be nuts for jumping into a frozen lake, but I don't know if it's comparable to riding a bike through Death Valley!!

Katie said...

For those interested, WindyBoy is Katie & Nicole's cousin. He is a nut and did this for the Special Olympics:

He also lives in Wyoming as the Sports Writer for the Rawlin's paper. One more state marked off the map.