Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bring Out Yer Scrap...

If you're like me, you've got some pack-rattish tendencies that have led to a garage (or basement, or yard, or kitchen table) full of (or covered with) random stuff that you once thought might be useful, and you therefore kept. Long sessions of counselling, combined with years of experimentation and observation, has proved that this stuff in fact is not useful, because a.) you've forgotten that you have these things, and b.)they are broken anyway. 

Sad to say, bent nails do not straighten themselves if left in a coffee can in a dark corner. That old PC that made a funny noise and quick working does not repair itself. The old TV does not magically grow a new digital tuner. The old washing machine still sounds like a chainsaw during the agitate cycle.

Junk remains junk. In fact, it gets junkier. 

BUT!!!! We have a solution! What little value remains in your heaps of dusty, spider-infested stuff can benefit our great cause! This Friday, April 24, we're having an Earth Day scrap drive and cleanup at two convenient Herman Miller locations, one in Zeeland and one in Spring Lake. Bring in your pieces of scrap metal (steel, aluminum (XS cans, anyone?), copper, whatever), and the nice folks at Padnos will take it away and recycle it. Old appliances are great, even refrigerators and air conditioners - no need to worry about the freon in them. Got a dead mower or snowblower? Drain the oil and gas out of it and bring it in! 

New this year, we're also taking electronic equipment, working or not - if it's working, it'll be donated to Revive/Green Solutions, where it will be distributed to needy organizations and schools worldwide; if it ain't working, it'll be properly recycled.

We're also taking plastics (#1, #2, #5, and #6), cardboard, newspaper, office paper, and car batteries, and we'll have people there from the ride team to help unload your stuff.

The Zeeland location is Herman Miller Mainsite; the dumpster will be on the northwest side of the building. Here's yer map:

In Spring Lake, we'll be on the south side of the Hickory facility, which you get to from Taft street and. Oh, look, another map:

Any questions? Get in touch with me through Mary or either of our coaches. Hope to see ya 
there with a huge pile of stuff!


Nicole said...

The chainsaw-esque washing machine isn't your own, is it did?

did said...

Not yet!