Monday, April 6, 2009


It was a windy, cool and yet surprisingly dry afternoon that greeted 8 stalwart, upstanding, and tougher’n average members of the 2009 West Michigan Ride to Cure Team this past weekend. Despite dire (and as it turned out – over-hyped and over-stated) predictions of icy rain, snow, hail, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, sunspots, floods and other was time to ride and ride we did!

Roll call:

Heather Allegrina
Kris Couturier
Brian Bowe
Cathy Tahy-Priest
JD Stone
Derek “Did” Dykstra
Coach N2
Coach MC/Kermit the Frog

We also enjoyed vehicular and chocolate support from Chris “I couldn’t get my bike in this little car” Radford. Thanks Chris!

We rolled down the weather-beaten surface of Grand River Drive all the way to Saranac into a steady headwind but that made it all that much sweeter on the flip-flop!

Congrats to Kris for scoring the “I Came the Longest Way to Ride” Award and to everyone for scoring Hard-Core Points and achieving the always sweet Moral High Ground for riding in the face of such a gnarly weather forecast!

We can’t believe that the Ride Season is F-I-N-A-L-L-Y HERE and we're already watching the clock and the calendar looking ahead to the next one!

Speaking of’s a look at the next couple weeks and everything that’s goin’ on:

Friday 4/10 – Kevin Carnes’ Bowling Fundraiser (see previous blog post below)
Saturday 4/11 – April Birthday Bash & MC's band @ the Saugatuck Brewery (Contact Nicole for details)
Thursday 4/16World Premiere of "More Than 100 Miles: Riding to Cure Diabetes" at Celebration Cinema North, 7:00pm. Bring everyone you know!
Saturday 4/18 – Chris Radford’s Family Fun Day Event: ***Potential fundraising opportunity for you. Contact Chris for details.
Sunday 4/19 – Training Ride # 2!!!!!

As always, keep an eye on this blog for more details about everything, and let Mike or Nicole know if you have any questions! matter what the weatherman/woman sez – Spring is here and it’s time to ride!

MC & N2

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