Monday, April 20, 2009


Well.......I gotta confess that Nic and I were more than pleasently surprised @ the turnout for yesterday's ride! There's just something about 50 degrees and steady drizzle that might keep SOME teams home.......just not THIS one! Kudos to everyone that thumbed their noses @ Dear Michigan's fickle Weather Gods and showed up @ Steve and Katie's house!

Roll Call.....

Herb and Brenda
Tom and Mary
Linda and Scott
Steve and Katie
Brian and Heather
Chris M
Chris R
Tom M
Special Guest Jeff (Whitefish 2007)
Coaches Nic and MC

The route was a good'un....south from casa de Clark down into Allegan County and towards the bustling metropolis of Burnips. (You can get cheese curds there!) Everyone rode well, there are no accidents or mechanicals to report and once we got back. dried off and warmed up the jambalaya, taco salad and Easter candy went down s-m-o-o-t-h!

Thanks to our hosts-w-the-most Steve, Katie, Ellie and Anna Clark. Thanks to Derek for nagging and begging Coach Nicole into bringin' the jambalaya, thanks (again!) to Katie for the great dip and salad, thanks to Coach Nic for giving in to Did and whipping up that pot of jambo! Thanks to everyone that made the effort to join us for the ride!

On a somber note - 2 people and families that mean a lot to this team and JDRF in general are in need of your thoughts and prayers. Bill Andro (Rob's dad) and Rod Stephens (Asheville 2005 / Whitefish 2007 and the major reason for the Herman Miller / JDRF connection) are both at home under hospice care. Please remember them and send your best wishes their way.

Thanks again, to each and every one of you...for what you bring to this Team, for what you're doing to find a cure, for making this world a better place!

You guys rock, seriously.

Nic and MC


Katie said...

And "lost ride gear" list...

1) pair of black/red Nike cycling shoes and they had some nylon covers on them
2) a lime green/grey cycling jacket size XL
3) a blue Walk to Cure jacket
4) two Ride movies with notes on them (I'm guessing it was intended for Tom)
5) a camelback with two different kinds of tire pumps tucked inside

If these are yours... let me know. I can get them to Brian B. at work and he can get them to Velo City or we can figure something else out.

John J said...

Katie, the camelback is mine (well Jeff's really, but he's lending it to me). Sorry, it got left in the "JOHN START THE CAR" hubbub...please forward via Mr. Bowe and thanks.

MC said...

The jacket is mine - please forward via the Bowe pipeline.

(Not a bad score considering how much stuff I brought)