Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Hey hopefully received an e-mail from Tim St. Clair recently about a free webinar from the Fit4D folks covering "riding w/ diabetes". It's this Thursday and you will need to register if you wanna be able to "attend".

In one way or another....everyone on this Team "rides w/ diabetes", y'know? Whether it's you or a friend / team mate / famiily member that has to actually deal w/ Type One's challenges....the more the rest of understand what our homies are faced with the better we'll be at watching each other's backs as we ride together.

And that, my friends sounds like "Team" to me!

The link to sign up is

I hope I have the pleasure of riding w/ a great many of you this Sunday. We roll from Johnson Park in GR @ 2:00pm!

Thanks again and again for all you've done and all that you've decided to do. You rock!


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