Monday, May 18, 2009

Nice Ride Yesterday!


The "official" Head count isn't in as yet but Lin and I came up w/ 34 names last night in an attempt to list all the riders that joned us @ Tom Miller's castle (complete w/ a moat!) yesterday. A beautiful day, a great group and a major pile o/ burgers, dawgs, beans, veggies, cookies and such afterwards!

'Twas a great day to be a part of the West Michigan JDRF Team!

The next ride is coming up on 5/31. Watch your inbox for an e-mail w/ details as to when and where - plus stuff about signing up for the 100 Grand (to ride), the Holland Hundred (to work and then maybe ride) and an update on the Killington bus status.

Thanks again to everyone that came out. For those of you that couldn't make it - we missed you!

Ride on!


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