Friday, October 9, 2009

Big Weekend a-Comin'!

Hey Team!

Who's ridin' Colorburst on Saturday? The forecast could be better (but it could be worse too!) and I know that Did, Cath and I are on for sure and Brian J is a "likely". Anyone else?

As if that wasn't more-than-enough for one band is playin' the Saugatuck Brewery that night from 7:00 'til 11:00 or so. This will be the world debut of your team mate and mine Cathy Tahy (you might know her as "Priest") as guest-star vocalist!!!!!!!!! Just think - years from now you can say "I saw her @ her first-ever gig!"

Annnnnnnnnd - if you have anything left on Sunday - it's the Pineapple Bob Classic ride here @ the shop. We roll @ 2:00, there are 35 and 48 mile loops, both of which are at least 30% gravel and dirt roads. Homebrew and yummy munchies back here @ the shop!

Hope to see you @ one or all of these-here good times!

Coach Mike


did said...

Anyone coming to Colorburst - we're gonna git to ridin' pretty early , planning to meet at the start at 7:30 in the morning...

J D Stone said...

No burst of color for me, currently in the office - uch.

Will be there for the Bobbing of the Pine Apple however. To ride the cross bike with a NEW crank.

Another excuse as to why I was so fricken slow last wk end :)


MC said...

Well - as much as I hate to do the "I told you so" dance (okay, I actually love it!) many of you fine folks missed out big time if you didn't avail yourself of any or all of this past weekend's festivities.
The ColorburstTour is a lovely ride and I recommend it highly. Great route, plenty of food, hot soup @ the finish!!! NIce nice nioe. Did, Kaat and I enjoyed the 100 mile route (okay - maybe not that big climb @ mile # 99 so much) and Brian J rocked the metric. Put this ride on your calendar for 2010!
The debut of our Team mate Cathy (Kaat)Tahy as last Call's new "girl singer" was a hoot and it'd be safe to say that the house wes brought down, as it were. Hopefully you won't hafta wait a whole year for another chance!
The Pineapple Bob Classic Ride here @ the shop yesterday was a hoot too - even if the route maps were a disaster.(Thanks MapmyRide!)50+ folks rode all over Allegan Co and ate lotsa snacks and drank lotsa Keith's homebrew!

On to Death Valley!