Monday, October 12, 2009

Death Valley Bound's come to this, has it? 48 hours from now Lin and I as well as Bike Room Dudes Berger, Gleen and #1 Son Sam will be en route to DV, to be followed a day later by the Rest of The Team - John, JD, Pablo, Steve, Katie, Rob, Pete, Nick and Chris. Despite the fact that this will be the smallest presence that our Chapter has ever had in DV - we go knowing that our impact will be far greater than the number of riders we have 'cuz we'll be riding for all of you, just like you all did for us in VT.

No one could have forecast the impact that our lil' 'ol Chapter would have on the Ride Program when we started it 5 short years ago......Tom's movie, the title of "Largest Team, the title of "Fastest Growing Team", the impact our passion and friendliness and energy has had on the other the other teams and the staff is imeasurable and that's all 'cuz of you guys!

Just like the end of the movie - I can't wait for next year. I'm not lookin' past DV (or Tucson for that matter) but I'm also thinking about what we need to do in 2010 and what we can do better. Everyone knows it was a tough and challenging year for raising $ and 2010's not likely to be different. We're going to lose some riders - we always do - and we need to remember to cherish them as they move on to other challenges or maybe just take a break - they are our team mates forever, right? Let's be thinking about who we might recruit - let's be thinking about what Ride we wanna do in 2010 and............if you think of it...........@ about 2:00pm local time on Saturday howzabout you shoot a little positive energy and "bikema" (it's like "karma" on 2 wheels) westward for your team mates that'll be climbing up Jubilee Pass right about then? I'm sure that they'd appreciate it and I would too.

Even if I had the biggest Thesauras in the world sittin here on my desk I couldn't find the words to describe how proud I am to be a part of this w/ you all! It's been a wild and wondeful ride and I don't wanna ever get off!

You guys rock - but you know that, right?


Coach Mike


Katie said...

I could use that "good thoughts" all damn day. My phone says it will be 101 & sunny in Death Valley on Friday and Saturday.

This is it, peeps. I'm planning on my first century to be finished in Death Valley on Saturday. It's been a joy to train with you all year and it's come down to this.

See you on the other side of the 105 miles.


Nicole said...

My money says you're gonna do it, Kate....and I can't wait to get the good news. :) Safe travels, and intense relaxation after your 105. Two days of it.

Cindy said...

Katie your are going to do it this time, and I wish I was there with you to celebrate with you! Consider "good thoughts all day Saturday done!"