Friday, October 16, 2009


So - the 1st full day in the Valley. When we got here yesterday afternoon we couldn't unload the truck so we couldn't set up the Bike Room either. No worries - this ain't a bad place to be w/ nothing to do!
But - today was different. After breakfast we unloaded the truck and started assembling and tuning up the 170 some bikes. Everyone else on this crazy circus showed up either yesterday or today so by lunchtime the whole shebang was in place and Furnace Creek was once again Ride to Cure Central. Thanks to the stellar work of Berger, Glenn. Samuel and Chris Kegal we got every bike built tuned and aired up by about 7:30 tonight. Along the way our Team showed up....along w/ everyone else from all over the world. There's a big international contingent from Europe - Denmark, Spain, Poland.......mostly associated / Novo Nordisc. (Lotsa funky bikes too). Dinner was burgers, dogs and salad under the stars and then pretty much the entire team + Tim St. Clair headed up to Zabrieskie Point for some star gazing and it. Was. Awesome. Every star in the sky, just out of reach and there just for us.
'Twas a l-o-n-g day and I was glad to call it about 10:00. Tomorrow will be great - Coach's meeting, tune-up ride, more hanging by the pool. I can handle it.

Stay tuned - we miss all of you back home and we Sure As All Hell wish we had the whole team out here w/ us.

Many hugs!



Steve said...

Missing the rest of the team. Sooo wish you were here.

The stars were amazing.

Steve said...

Nic - I'm trying to keep up with pictures since you aren't here to document.

I've done well:
Maggie with four cookies in her hands. Rob with cookies as eyeballs. All of us laying on the ground.

Gotta find a way to get them on picasa. I'm working on it.

Steve said...

(ah, and his is Katie, not Steve :-)

Linda TP said...

Can't wait to see the guys have been on all our minds I am sure all day today. Hope it was another memorable year.