Monday, June 13, 2011

Hey, Hew, The Weekend in Review!

When in doubt, rhyme it out, yo.

So, Team Ride Numero Six-O is in the bag, and it turned out - as is inevitable with US - awesome! And it may have featured the highest food-to-rider ratio that I've ever seen.

The call of the roll:
JD & Maggie, tandeming
John VDB
Kirsten the person
Kiersten the Nerf Cat
Kobie the Diabetic Pooch
Linda "look over there while I grab a pretzel stick" TP
Paul B
Superhost Stewart
New Rider Dawn MM - who arrived with 12 miles on her bike and left with more than triple that!
Chris R, with expanded family along for the eatin' (Hey Julie, when're we gonna see you rolling?)
SGS and Mistress of the Grill Brenda B
SGSs Kevin C and Dawn R - nice to see you two!
MC and Linda, also tandeming, and topping 47 mph down 7 Mile Hill
and li'l ol' me.

We covered 25 surprisingly chilly and perhaps a bit hilly miles, and were able to resist the call to ride the Blue Loop at Luton as we rode past. For the second loop, we lost a couple of riders but picked up a bunch more, and rolled our pleasant 35 miles uneventfully despite picking our way through Summerfest in Rockford.

Back at the ranch, we enjoyed turkey burgers that redefined what a turkey burger could taste like, and cookies, cheesy potatos, more cookies, some chips, and then a cookie or seven. Big, big, BIG props to Stewart and the sadly-absent Nathen for the spread, to Brenda for the grillwork, and to Cindy for somehow keeping the didlet from eating ALL of the saltwater taffy despite a sprained foot.

Now, turning our eyes forward - it's summer (or at least it's trying to be), so that means it's riding season! There are ride opportunities up the wazoo, and you're crazy if you don't hit at least some of them!

Saturday, June 18 (that's this Saturday!) - the ALS Iron Horse Ride from Fallasburg Park in Lowell. Up to 100 miles. Organized by our own Alpha-Plus rider Stacey Orsted, raising money for the ALS Association. Stacey's offered JDRF riders a discounted entry fee - contact me for details. Past rider Peggy Essenberg will be there - Peg lost her Mom to ALS. You and your bike have an almost unlimited capacity to do good!

Sunday, June 26: the 3rd annual Allegrina 100. One week after Father's day, our own Heather Allegrina hosts a ride honoring her late father, and all fathers. There will be 3 loops of 30-40 miles each and returning to Heather's house after each, so you can tailor the ride to as you see fit. Big post-ride hangout bash, too - if you come, you might maybe get a taste of some fine New Glarus beer! There will be a LOT of your team-mates at this one; I highly recommend putting it on your personal ride calendar. Heather's going to have childcare available, but she needs to know a solid week in advance. This is at the very top of my looking-forward-to-it list. There's more info at the Facebook link up there, or again with the contacting me for more info.

July 3 and or 4: there will be some sort of organized ride somewhere - stay tuned for deets!

July 10 we'll have a Team Ride in the Grand Rapids area; info's forthcoming.

July 16 is the Holland Hundred. JDRF is a named beneficiary for this huge event; we'll be looking for a chunk of volunteers to work that day, and you'll get an hourly rate deposited in to your fundraising account. Or, of course, you can ride! LOTS more information to come.

July 24 will be another Team Ride, location TBA.

Now, how about weekly scheduled rides? Yeah, there's a few of those:

6:30 pm rollout from the Holland Aquatic Center is the Macatawa Cycling Club Monday Night Ride. Big attendance, lots of groups, lots of paces.

6pm rollout for the internationally famous VeloCity Cycles Tuesday Night Ride. Lotsa groups, lotsa paces, lotsa distances.

6pm in the Muskegon area there's a nice women's ride that Kirsten really likes. Contact me if you're interested, the start location changes weekly.

6pm rollout for the VCC Not Racing At Grattan ride, 30ish miles

6pm-6:40 pm at Grattan Raceway you can ride the track while the racers warm up. $5 per rider to cover the insurance and track rental. Then you can watch the Grattan races. You NEED to see the Grattan races. NEED. Really. Monster awesome. Bring a camera and a cowbell.

8:30 am rollout for the VCC Recovery Ride, 25-30 miles followed by bagels at The Good Earth.

6pm rollout at Rock&Road Cycles Grand Haven, great for paceline learnin' as they break it up enough to keep the groups down to 8-12 people.

8:15 pm rollout for the VCC Thursday Night Lights ride - lights required. Night rides are so cool.

8:30 am rollout for the VCC Bagel Ride. 25-30 miles followed by bagels at The Good Earth (yes, again).

8 am rollout for the VCC Sprint Ride. Feelin' frisky and fierce? This ride's for you.
8 am rollout for the VCC No-Sprint Ride. You sweep up the remains of the Sprint Ride.

That's a PARTIAL selection of what's available to you. Don't wanna ride alone? You pretty much never have to! And, hey, put up a flag if you want to ride but none of these work for ya - we'll find a way, because (wait for it... waaaaait for it...nnnnNOW!) YOU ALL ROCK!

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