Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Hey Team!
Well - if you missed a chance to ride under sunny skies w/ us last Sunday....and eat fine chow alongside the lake....and take advantage of the pool and the playset and the shade...well...we missed you too!

MASSIVE thanks and kudos go out to JD and Maggie Stone (w/ help from John Jasker) for the hospitality, the food and the locale. MASSIVE!

Here's a list of who we got to hang out and ride with:

Cliff & Nicole, Becky & Chris, Coach Did & Kirsten, Lin & MC, Walt, John J, Tom, Jason, Tyson & Danielle, JD & Maggie, Kaat, John VDB, Heather & Brian, Paul, Brad "Crash" S, Dan, Chris, Julie & Travis R, Amy 2F, Melanie and bro Dan, the whole Berger fam (Jeremy, Joy and Sabine), Team Walker (SGS Nathan, Kevin & Keith), Cliff's folks and son.....if I missed you speak up! ( A thousand sorries!)

Extra GREAT to see so many new riders, so many Special Guest Stars and have so many fam members join us after the ride!

The "Dang! Almost made it home!" awards go to Tom and Kirsten for getting flats within 3 miles of the finish and an extra special "Bike Face in the Face of Adversity" Award goes to Kirsten for being so thrilled at her first flat.

Back @ the marina we enjoyed grilled chicken, brats and dogs plus snacks, salads n' sides of every description. YUM!

All in all - one of the best days of the season thus far.........................

..................which brings us to the NEXT "best day of the season so far"!

The next Team Ride is this Sunday, June 12. Read on for the scoop puh-leeze:

Where?: Hosted by Stewart, Nathen (in absentia) & Cindy. Map to their crib is here: http://tinyurl.com/nathenstewartcindy

When?: Once again - 2 options for your riding pleasure! Roll out @ 11:00 for 25-ish miles and/or @ 1:00 for 35-ish.

Then what?: Stewart's gonna fire up the grill and serve burgers. Feel free to add whatever else you think we're gonna want to the feast. For the sake of having enough food PLEASE RSVP TO COACH DEREK OR MYSELF!

Also - it'd be great if everyone brought along a chair or 2.........

The weather forecast keeps changing ((and no doubt will continue to do so) but it looks like it's gonna dry and cooler than it's been lately.

So - hopefully we'll have the pleasure of rollin' wit'cha this weekend. Hopefully you are getting some good miles under your wheels and your fund-raising is coming along as well. Be sure to let Coach Derek, myself and/or any member of the Ride Commitee know if you have any issues or concersns - be they bike, fitness, nutrition, fund raising or even fashion related! That's what we're here for!

That's it for now you Rock Stars! Be sure to spread the word if you see any team mates, past team mates or potential future team mates! They are all always welcome! (As long as they RSVP! :) )

You guys rock, but you know that - right! I'm proud as All Hell to roll with you!

Coach Mike


jasonsigal said...

Wont be riding (have to work). But Ill try and swing by after.

Tom Scheidel said...

No Team Scheidel, we're out of the country.