Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hey guys!

As promised here's the scoop on the Team Training Ride set for this Sunday, June 5th:

Where - Eldean's Marina in Macatawa. (http://tinyurl.com/eldeansride)

(Parking will be across the street as per usual)

When - The first ride (20 miles) is @ noon, the second (30 miles) is at 1:30, food oughta start about 4:30.

Who - You! Your fam (there's a pool and playset on site) & anyone you are still trying to recruit!

Why - Because it's time to ride!!!!!!!

JD says that he's grilling brats and chicken and cookin' corn on the cob. Feel free to bring whatever you want to add to the feast.

Please RSVP to myself or Coach Derek so we can give JD an idea of how much food to get!

I think that covers it - spread the word, pump the tires, slather on the sunscreen & join us this Sunday for a great day!

Rock on y'all - you know how!

Coach MC


Nicole said...

Two riding, three for food. Will bring something pot-lucky and delicious. Can't wait!

Katie said...

We can't make it... or I guess are choosing to pool it with my family in DeWitt instead. Have fun!

J D Stone said...

Maggie changed corn to baked beans.

In addition to the pool there is also a hot tub.

Will miss Katie and family. Hope all the rest of the team can make it

John J said...

Wouldn't miss it! J2

Chris R said...

The Radford Fam (4 now) will be coming - veggies is the plan for us to bring. Thx JD & Maggie!