Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reporting and Announcing!

So, it wasn't THAT bad out today, despite the forecast, and despite the fact that for a mess of the day, it WAS that bad out. So, given the apparent sucktacular potential, the turnout for today's ride really was pretty decent. Of course, it was also pretty much who you'd expect:

Coach MC rode-to-the-ride
Linda C
Host Tom M, whose house I love because everything is set up for tall people
Tom's friend and neighbor, who rode with us last year, and who's name I'll probably remember sometime next month, but not right now, dangit
Heather AB
Chris R
And me.

We did a total of about 35 miles, split between a 10 mile starter loop and a 25 mile main loop; we didn't get rained on at all, but there was enough wetness on the road to make for some fine racing stripes!

Now, for our next attempt to have a team ride in conditions that are warm AND dry AND not too windy AND maybe even sunny, we'll try something new - a ride from North Muskegon. Our start point will be Mullaly Park ( for da map - we'll meet back by the playground equipment, where there are bathrooms and a picnic area), and we'll continue the double-loop format.

Loop 1 will be about 17 miles, with a 12:15 rollout time (i.e. be there at noon), and will include the much-loved Blockhouse Hill on newly-repaved Scenic Drive.

Loop Deux will be about 30 miles, with a 2 pm sharp rollout time. This time we'll hit the very nice Duck Lake State Park bridge, and I'll see if I can jigger things so you can choose to do Blockhouse Hill (this time from the other direction), or go around it.

Post-ride, we'll hang out, and hopefully we'll be able to grill up a bunch of the burgers and hot dogs that Tom has left from today - bring something to pass, if you want.

And, last things last, JUST in case you have some odd need to see MC, Kaat, Pea, and did suffering in the high desert, here ya go.

Team Fiona loves you guys, 'cuz all y'all rock!

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ZipMike said...

For the record the Howard team took a very soggy ride Saturday afternoon on the mountain bikes. There were grand plans of going to Yankee Springs, but it ended up being a route I have around town. It would have included some hills / trails, but we got rained out before we got there.