Thursday, May 26, 2011

Memorial Weekend Ride Options

Hey Team!

Just in case you're lookin' for a chance to get'cher ride on a time or's a quick peek at some options:

Saturday - the usual ride from the shop (Velo City) @ 8am. There's also rumors that Kaat's looking for folks to ride w/ later that day....get ahold of her!

Sunday - Luton Park ATB ride @ 8:30.

Monday - 50-ish miler from the shop @ 9am.

Sure hope to see you!

Remember - next Team Rides are Sunday 6/5 @ Eldean's Marina in Holland & Sunday 6/12 hosted by Nathan, Stewart and Cindy in GR. Look for all the details soon!

Ride on you rockstars!

Coach MC

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J D Stone said...

Is there a simple way to set up a URL for people to click on that takes them to my donation page? Something like Click here to donate "JD's JDRF Donation Spot"

I seem to recall someone mentioning this earlier this year, but of course I can't remember who or where it is posted, if it is.