Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Team Ride Two Report and News and Stuff

Hey, a team ride that featured pleasant weather! How About That?!?!?! OK, maybe it was a little bit windy, but compared to team rides Zero and One, this one was positively supercalafragalistic! Not surprisingly, we had pretty dang awesome turnout. The roster:

The Scheidel Trifecta – Ian, Mary, and Tom
Chris R

We were thrilled to have returning riders:
Diana S (Whitefish Summer ’07)
Jeff W (Whitefish Fall ’07)
Heather A (Killington Deluge ’09)

And we were equally thrilled to have NEW riders, all showing up for their first team rides!
Maggie S
John V
Danielle S
Paul B
Cliff L
Kirsten D

Me, with SuperStoker and Ultra Super Awesome Guest Star Dane

And Patti Bills, O.O.B.F.! *

It’s worth noting that Kaat & Kirsten were both fresh(ish) from the Steelcase Duathlon and thus each having an epic “run bike run bike” day! Yowza!

Also cool: 3 tandems! Sweet!

Also also cool: no flat tires! I’m sure Cindy can recall a certain repeat of this route a few years ago that set a record for number of flats on one ride by one rider.

28 riders – that’s pretty awesome! We covered either 23 or 28 miles, and I think I pretty much saw folks riding well together and being good road citizens – good on’ya for that. Maaaybe a couple of map-reading oopsies, there, but, hey, with my UltraPower Stoker on the job, we had it covered pretty well.

Now, our next team ride will be on May 15, hosted ably by our own Tom Miller on the south side of Grand Haven. We’ll have more info on that soon, including whether or not Tom will have a moat that needs crossing. In the interim, ride together, ride safe, ride lots – in short, be JDRF rock stars!

*that’s “Order of the Original Bike Face”, perhaps the highest rank in JDRF lore and pageantry…

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jassigal said...

Sorry I missed it! Cant wait to pick up my bike from VCC tomorrow though, and join everyone at the next ride! :)