Monday, April 25, 2011

MAY 1 TEAM RIDE!!!!!!!

Hey Team!
As detailed in the previous post Coach Did and I have added a Training Ride for this coming Sunday and here's the scoop:

When - 2pm Sunday 5/1
Where - Johnson Park in GR (
How much - 20 and 35 mile (ish) options
Who - You! Your teammates and anyone else you wanna invite!
Why - 'Cuz it's May! 'Cuz it's time to ride! 'Cuz VT is only 12 / Lacrosse is only 14 / Tahoe is only 18 / DV is only 23 / Tucson is only 28 weeks away!

So - I really really really hope to see you there! I'll bring a cooler fulla drinks and a buncha snacks.

Also - there's a really good chance that I'll be meeting BikeFace Originator & past teammate Patti Bills @ Luton in the AM to get some dirt miles in before the ride if you'd like to join us. I'll post details as I have 'em.

So - see you this weekend!
Keep rockin' you rockstars!

Coach MC

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MC said...

As promised - here's the scoop on the "Morning Trail Option" for Sunday:

i'm meeting Patti Bills @ the Luton Park trailhead @ 10:00. The plan is to do 2 loops and then mosey on over towards Johnson Park for the Team Ride. The pace will be mild-ish and the company sublime so feel free to join us!