Monday, April 18, 2011


Hey Team!

Well -whichever one of you irritated good ol' Ma Nature may wanna 'fess up so she can back off a bit......jus' sayin'! Regardless of yet another less-than-ideal weather report a goodly chunk of The World's Coolest Team gathered to show the world (and each other) that We. Will. Not. Be. Deterred. Okay - so m-a-y-b-e we all sorta opted for the shorter route (at the most!) and m-a-y-b-e some of us did a few less than what? We were there. We rolled. We ate. We were together and that's what matters most!

"Roll" Call: (har!)
B-Day Girl Heather A-B (Back on the team after a 1 yr hiatus!)
John J
Jay Dee
Tyson S (new guy! - 1st Team ride!)
The HellKaat
Steve C
Becky M
Nicole N
The lovely and talented Linda C
Tom M
Coach Did
Coach Me

We enjoyed able moral and caloric support from:
Katie C
Kirsten D
Chris M
Team Scheidel x 3
and - a host of misc chilluns

Needless to say there was much eating and drinking and laughing and tales of bravado once we got back to casa da Clark! It was a typical West Mi Team All Around Good Time - we missed you if your day took you elsewhere and hope to see you soon!

Speaking of that - we've added a NEW TEAM RIDE to bridge the gap 'tween this'n and the one set for 5/15. Check it: Sunday 5/1 - 2:00pm - Johnson Park in GR. We'll have 20 & 35 mile options and I'll bring some snacky stuff. (You can too!)

The 5/15 Team Ride will be hosted by Tom Miller up in Grand Haven. The "main event" will be a 20-ish miler @ 2:00pm. There will also be the option of doing some extra miles prior to the 2:00 start - in addition to the option of riding up there w/ MC from Holland. (Details to follow.)

KEEP READING, THERE'S MORE! (as promised) Team Jersey Poll - We're still exploring the idea of a new Team Training Jersey. There's a poll here on the Blog (look to your right......see it?) and it'd be helpful to your friends on the Ride Committee if you'd take a sec and fill it out. Thanks!

Team T-shirt Design Contest - As per usual we'll be looking to chose the winning design for our team tee shirt. Limber up your pencils, CAD programs, crayons and imaginations and get your designs to Katie by May 15 if you wanna be included in the contest. (Gotta a fav screenprinter? Let her know that as well).

GR Bike Summit on 5/6 - The Bike Summit is a big meeting to promote commuting and practical bike use and we'll be having a booth to promote the Ride and our Team there. Wanna help out? Let me know. (

That's it for now my friends........remember to keep riding (or start, as the case may be), keep fund-raising and remember that you guys all ROCK! Thanks for all you do to make this Team the force that it is.......we are gonna make a difference! See you on May 1st if not before...........hopefully before!

Coach Mike (for Coach Did and the entire hard-workin' Ride Committee - Nicole, Cathy C, Tom M, Katie C and Cindy A)

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