Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TEAM RIDE TAKE 2! (err....1? 2? ummmm....)

Whether you're counting the ride from Ada Park last week or not (and Heather, Kaat & Coach Did have EVERY RIGHT INDEED to count it!!!!) the fact remains that we have another TEAM RIDE comin' up this Sunday - and that is cause for excitement! The season is well-n-truly upon us, folks are back from Spring Break and trips hither-n-yon and the World's Coolest Team will indeed be pumping air into tires, blood into legs and air into lungs to once again tell that a-hole Type 1 that its days are numbered! So - I sure hope to see you @ the Clark's house this Sunday! (Steve-n-Katie's that is). Here are the details: We roll @ 2:00pm so get there by 1:30 to get ready puh-leeze 2 route options - 20-ish and 30-ish miles. Somewhat "roll-y" as I recall. Child care is available - plan on contributing 2 bux per kid per hour if you take advantage of same. (Whatta cool deal!) Katie sez that she will have "some food" - feel free to bring along something to share if yawanna. Annnnnd here's a map! http://tinyurl.com/katieandstevesplace Remember - the more the merrier! If you have riding buds that are still on the fence about joining the team bring 'em along! Okay - that oughta do it. Speaking for Coach Did & the entire Ride Committee we sure hope to see you this Sunday! And I know I say this all the time (like everything else I say) but that;s just 'cuz it's so true - YOU GUYS ROCK! See ya Sunday! Coach MC


Katie said...

whatever you do, don't look at weather.com

Linda TP said...

what do you think we are a bunch of sissies?

Nicole said...

50 and partly cloudy after two days of windy junk. It's almost sounding like acceptable weather.