Wednesday, April 20, 2011

3 Degrees of separation

I received an interesting note from a work friend today.  He's an IT guy and works in our plant in Toronto.  Apparently his sister is a recipient of the "Edmonton Protocol", an islet cell transplant.  I'll let you read Scott and his other family member's note.  Related, I remember listening to an early transplant patient who visited GR several years ago and will never forget her saying "I never knew how sick I was"...  That's always stuck with me.

Scott's relation - "A short but sweet note to let you all know that Tracey stopped taking insulin on Monday evening. She is insulin free for the first time in 30+ years.  She feels better each day and looks amazing. We are so very PROUD of her. She has gone through a lot to attain this goal and she's been very brave."

Scott - "Of particular interest to you…. this is a note from my mom about my sister.. she just went thru 2 islet transplants in Edmonton Alberta. She was quite a sick lady prior to this procedure. This has really turned around her life. She was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes as a teenager; she’s now 46. I know that this also impacts your family.. FYI…there is amazing work happening in the research field; the evidence is here."
I have 3 degrees of separation from an islet cell transplant recipient!  Ride on friends
- Mike

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