Tuesday, June 28, 2011

unofficial Team Ride in Montague on July 2nd

It's not an official Ride Team team ride, but Katie & Steve will be taking over her parents house on White Lake in Montague, MI while they go visit friends across the state.     Ssssshhhhh!  ;-) 

   Ride Start Time:  9:30am 
   Start Location:  Katie's Parents House (it's 60 minutes from Grand Rapids)
   Who:  anyone who wants to ride 30 - 40 miles (Derek is making the route - that's a big "ish") and their family who want to hang out at the beach, or see the World's Largest Weathervane, Pier, White Lake Lighthouse, etc.  while we ride.  
   What about a sitter:   Yes, we will have one - the same one who watches kids at our house (Kaley - just so happens she's from Montague ;-) 
    That's a long drive for 30-mile ride:  BUT, we'll have hotdog roast, and play in the water and on the boat all afternoon.  We have kayaks too.  It'll be a fun way to start the 4th weekend.
    What to bring?    We'll have hotdogs and s'more makings.  We'll provide the paper products as well.  We'll have some cold XS Energy & water on ice as well.  Bring a beverage of your choice and if you want - something easy to eat by a campfire on the beach.   

(oh, and this isn't roughing it - the house is just up the hill from the firepit & beach)

  What if I can't be there by 9:30am?  Come on over around 1pm for an afternoon at the lake.

Please let Katie know if you will be there.  Comment here, call her (299-3637) or email her.     If you want to use the sitter, let Katie know that too so she can let Kaley know (she may choose to bring backup!).  

Hope you can make it!  


did said...

I promise to keep the "ish" to a minimum!

Nicole said...

Cliff and Nic to ride...I think Cam will hang with my fam while we're gone, but they (Cheri & Kath) could probably come over and hang/help Kaley if there's an army of kids.

Jason Loch is training for a couple of tris this summer, and wants to join us too. He's gonna hop on this party wagon in downtown Montague before we head down to Duck Lake.

jasonsigal said...

9:30 am?! I'll still be there. ;)

Katie said...

I've heard from the following:

Steve & Katie
Derek, Kirsten & Dane
Tom Miller
Chris & Becky
Nicole & Cliff
Jason Sigal
Jason Loch

Anyone else? It'll be a great time! You'll see White Lake, weathervanes, Duck Lake, Lake Michigan and lots of country roads.

did said...

And Muskrat Lake! Can't forget beautiful Muskrat Lake...