Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August already?!?!

August - it's hot, for the most part. Mercifully, my lawn has settled down and doesn't need to be mowed every weekend (not that I do that). Back to School ads are in full cry, and... well, it's the height of riding season in West Michigan!

Bend your thoughts towards Wisconsin, as tomorrow MC and Berger drive West to La Crosse to do the Bike Room/BikeFace thing at the second ride event of the year. On Saturday, Dan Ensing will be doing his first JDRF ride, along with veterans Chris and Julie Radford - folks, I wish you lots and lots of goosebump moments! For the rest of us, follow the #bikeface hashtag on Twitter for live updates from the event, and start building up your goosebump muscles...

So, I owe ya a ride report! This past Sunday we planned an official 70ish mile total, but ACTW Kirsten wanted to get in a good century before doing the One Day Ride Across Michigan on the 20th so a few hardy wheels started off from Townsend Park with a 32-mile Loop Zero. The day's roll call:

Cindy A.
Sarah A.
Linda C.
Past rider Jeff H.
Mike H, once again rockin' the trike
Tom M.
Stewart M.
Jason S.
El Kaato Diablo
John VDB
and Chris R, gettin' in a last one before heading for the the Cheddar Curtain.

For the century folks - my usual mapping site claims 6,223 feet of climbing. I'm inclined to believe it. If any of you want to work on your climbing legs, the Townsend Park area is a fine place to do so!

Special thanks go to Jason, for being our host for the day and providing some most excellent post-ride grilled chicken sandwiches. Y'know, I remember when after a ride everyone just went home - I like this better!

Now, we had two more folks along for the ride (har) as well - first off, we had SGS Molly P, who many of us met at the Allegrina 100, and who also rode with Stacey Orsted and Sarah Andro in the ALS ride in June. I was bummed to find out that Molly's moving back to Boston shortly - we ALMOST had her fully ensnared in our warm, fuzzy tentacles, but, life happens, so we wish ya well, and we hope to see you again! I would have to guess that Molly going to Death Valley would result in some additions to this gallery...

Our other Special Guest Star... y'know what? I ain't gonna tell you the story, because it's closing in on mythological status. But, if you've been hanging out on the Book of Faces, you've perhaps noticed a flood of people doin' the Friend thing with one Lindsey Stacy. If you haven't done so already, join that flood, because, yeah. Lindsey did her first group ride ever on Sunday. And her first century. Lindsey's been riding for about two months. And she finished with pure BikeFace.

Next team ride is August 28 - we'll be repeating that way-cool ride we did from Barlow Lake last year. More info will be forthcoming. Until then, ride lots and raise lots, and, of course, rock lots!

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