Monday, August 22, 2011

This Week in Preview

We're "fresh" off ODRAM (and, for a select trio, MARDO), but we have a HUGE week upon us so no rest for the weary!

WEDNESDAY! We need you to come to the Grattan Raceway (mappity map map), because it's JDRF night! We are the sponsoring group for the bicycle races, which means we are handling the organization and prizes for the night. We need people to help with registration, prize handling, lap counting, and final placing, AND we need prizes! MC and VCC are going to provide some merchandise, but we need more "primes" (that's "preems" as in "premiums") to award folks at intermediate times. The traditional thing is baked goods - cookies, pies, cupcakes, bread, etc. - but we're open to pretty much anything.

So, for working OR for providing primes & prizes, please get in touch with me ( and let me know.

We would also love to have you race! Wha? Race? Of course! We have a "C" division that pretty much anyone can ride. The track is amazing to ride on - wide, smooth, wonderful fast corners, and a grippy surface. It's 1.8 miles around the track; the C racers will go 3 laps, so it's all of 5.4 miles. It's an experience unlike anything you've otherwise done! If you can come race, wear your Pink Peloton jersey, assuming you've got one...

Here's the schedule for the evening:

registration opens at 5:30
track opens to riders for warmup at 6:00
Tandem race (3 laps) will start at 6:30
C race (3 laps) will start 1 minute after the tandems (at 6:31)
A race (20 laps) will start at 6:50
B race (15 laps) will start 1 minute after the A race.

It's $10 for a tandem, $5 for C (or to just ride on the track during the warmup time), $15 for A or B racers.

This SUNDAY we will have a repeat of the really awesome Barlow Lake ride that we did last year, thanks to Linda T-P. Rollout time will be 9 AM sharp for the 30-something mile first loop, and 11:45 AM for the 40-something mile second loop. Post ride we'll have... FOOD! and a LAKE! and more FOOD! and US! Further details will be emailed later this week.

Until then,


Linda TP said...

We have people hanging back so bring the kids if you want...bring extra life jackets if you have them. Bring your non-riding family members and friends if you like!

Tom Scheidel said...

Come to Grattan tomorrow and see LTP acting as JD's stoker for the tandem race. Right Linda?

Linda TP said...

sounds like Paul is going to be stoker for JD tomorrow...lets come out and cheer them on!!!

Paul said...

OK. Where is this mythical place called Barlow Lake?