Monday, August 29, 2011

Death Valley "Extra Credit" Ride Details

Okay - this post is for those of you looking for an extra "challenge" to add some spice (and sweat!) to your Death Valley experience.

(We call this ride the "Death Valley Death March" least that's what the tee shirt says....but I didn't wanna use that in the title of this post. Besides - J2 asked me to change it)

The "D.V.D.M." (or whatever) is a ride a few of us are gonna do on Thursday, 10/13 while most folks are traveling to DV. It involves leaving Furnace Creek in the AM, riding out into the Valley, up through a curvy, hilly loop called Artist's Palette and then starting the HUGE climb up to Dante's View. The climb is a full 25 miles long, topping out w/ a 25% grade at the end. The view from the top is amazing - we'll be a vertical mile above the valley, looking down @ the road that we'll ride on Saturday.

Needless to say - the return trip is a BLAST!

We'll have some support.......Lin will meet us twice along the 70-ish mile route w/ food and fluid.

IMPORTANT!!! - This is NOT a JDRF ride in any way, shape or form. It's not authorized by JDRF, recognized by the Park Service or anyone else. This is a few folks goin' for a ride and lookin' for some o' that pain/pleasure stuff. (You know who you are!)

Reasons not to do it:

It's HARD - possibly harder than the ride on Saturday. I'd hate to see anyone screw up the "real" Ride by blowing themselves out on Thursday! (For the record - the 5 of us that did it last year all had good rides on Saturday...jus' sayin')

The logistics are a pain - we'll have the bikes there by then, no sweat. But - you'll need a place to sleep on Wed night...on your dime...... and you'll hafta make the arrangements.

So - if you have any doubts at all in your ability to push yourself on Thursday, recover on Friday and ride at your best on Saturday.......this might not be your ride. (Make that "is not"!)

If you are still reading...and interested/intrigued - let me know that you're in ( and we'll chat!

Ride on you RockStars!

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