Friday, May 18, 2012

Team Ride 4 this Sunday!

Yowza, it's been a while on here!

First off, before I bore you to tears, we've got Team Ride #4 this Sunday, from Johnson Park in Grand Rapids. Rollout time will be 2pm, routes of 23 to 36 miles available. Weather looks gor-freakin'-geous!

Now, back in time a bit - the last team ride (I math that out to being Team Ride #3) resulted in some extra hardcore points being awarded, as we rode the whole dinkin' thing (all 22 miles of it) in cold rain. Killingtony! Points were awarded to Cindy A, Patti B, Paul B, Linda C, MC, Jack C, Amy F, John J, Host Tom M, Lindsey S, and li'l ol' me, with double points to Heather A and Michelle C for new rider badassery in the face of wretched conditions.

Since then, Your Coaching Staff bravely faced Tulip Time and rainy weather by pickin' up its skirts and darting off to the desert, in the company of Patti, Kaat, and Jan (of cookie fame). It was warm, dry, and dusty, and we came home with fully 95% of our limbs unbroken, which sounds pretty good put that way, but means Kaat needs your healin' vibes for her left forearm. Don't make me show you the x-ray! The amount that this completely sucks cannot be overstated - there will, however, be opportunities to do some sort of rides with her, and there's no doubt that as the bones knit she'll come roaring back in true Gato Diablo fashion.

Anywho, there's gonna be lots of ride opportunities coming up - at least a couple over the Memorial Day weekend, including an opportunity to meet and ride with Team Type 1 racer and Holland native Jeff Bannink. The 100 Grand ride is the Saturday after Memorial Day, with a team ride the day after. Details will be forthcoming; until then, keep riding, raising, and rockin'!

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