Monday, May 21, 2012

Team Ride Report 5/21/12 / Lotsa Cool Stuff Soon!

Hey Team! Man - we had a sweet lil' Team Ride outta Johnson Park yesterday! 20 of us rode 25-ish under sunny skies and 90 degree temps. And then (and this will shock ya) we hung out and enjoyed each other's company as well as lotsa cookies 'n chippies 'n such.

The Honor Roll:

All 3 Scheidels
All 3 Dykstras
Jeff and Aimee
1st Heather
Paul & Nick
Chris Radford
2nd Heather
Lin and your intrepid reporter (that'd be me!)

No flats, no crashes, really no drama of any kind......just a buncha friends enjoying the the day (and wondering where the rest of their team was......?)

So - what "Cool Stuff" is a-comin' up? Glad you asked! How's this:

Saturday 5/26 there's a chance to meet and hang w/ Team Type 1 member and Holland native Jeff Bannink @ Velo City. Jeff worked for me back-in-the-day and was way too fast even then! Now he does stuff like ride across the whole friggin' country w/ a few of his teammies in LESS THAN 6 DAYS on the way to winnin' the Race Across America not once but twice! He'll be here @ 3:00 - spinnin' yarns and tellin' tales of what it's like to be an elite athlete w/ Type 1 - as well as details on how you actually do something like the RAAM.

Later that night many of us are working the Van Andel Red Hot Chili Peppers show. I hear tell that Cindy is still lookin' for workers if you're interested........

Sunday 5/27 there's an "unofficial" Team Ride! I'm 90% sure that Jeff will join us - that's the plan anyways - and it'll be cool to get a chance to ride w/ him, don'cha think? (dude punches a BIG hole in the wind.....seriously!). The time and locale will be determined soon - watch the FaceBook page and your inbox for the update!

Sunday 6/3 - Big Team Ride @ Eldean's Marina here in Holland. - Great routes, grillin' by the lake, a pool and swingsets for the kids........mark this'n in your calendar in Red!

Okay - enough for now. Keep sending all the healin' vibes you can muster in the direction of Kaat and LTP as they recover from a busted arm and knee surgery respectively.

And I hope to see y'all very soon!

Keep rocking, keep riding, keep being the Rock Stars you are!

Coach MC

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