Monday, May 28, 2012

Team Ride Number 5 (or so) - Do! Not! Miss! It!

Ok, so I'm fresh(ish) from a couple hours of hammock-napping, so I've got, oh, 45 minutes or so before I zonk out for good here. The important thing here is:

This is the first of the EVENT team rides. Like, you don't wanna miss it! Our inimitable JD Stone will be hosting from Eldean's Shipyard on the south side of Holland, which means... a lot! We'll have a nice couple of routes to ride, and then we'll have showers, a pool, a gazebo, a really soft lawn (suitable for napping), and foooooood!

Seriously, ya wanna hit this one.

Now, since our rides are starting to get a little longer (distances for this one will be 30 or so and 45 or so), and as we want to maximize our post-ride hangin' out time, we're gonna roll out at NOON. Right? You know the drill!

So, the details:

Date: Sunday, June 3

Location: Eldean's Shipyard, park in the lot on the right side of the road past the big shed, unless directed otherwise.

Rollout time: NOON

Distances: 30 and 45 miles (-ish considerations apply)

Post-Ride Giggery: Oh Yeah. As above, and bring some munchies to share.

RSVP? Please! Comment here or post on Facebook; we'd like to have a headcount.

Guests? Heck yeah! But please let us know ahead of time!

Rocketty rock, y'all - see you Sunday!


Katie said...

The Grandville Clarks will be in attendance.

Tom Scheidel said...

Three Scheidels will be there.

Nicole said...

We. Are. Going. To. Miss. It. :(

Enjoy, all!

Linda TP said...

I am planning on being there...not sure if I will be able to ride yet but will hang by the pool!

J D Stone said...

Pretty sure I'm gonna be there. :)

J D Stone said...

Ordering brats and chicken breasts today. any special grill food as in non meat, let me know 405 4845, happy to accomodate.