Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Looking ahead - July & August!

Can that headline be right?!?!?!? Can it possibly be time to talk about the 7th and 8th month o' the year already?!?

(I know - we just put away the arm warmers and toe covers, right?)

And yet - the calendar tells no lies - so discuss July and August we shall!

Dates - let's talk about dates, huh?

7/8 - Next Team Ride! Location will be Mullaly Park up in N Muskegon. Times and details to be announced soon. (Watch your e-mail and/or FaceBook)

7/14 - Team Ride hosted by Kim Monk in Ada. (a pool! a pool!) Again - specifics to follow.

7/20 - The Holland Hundred. I've waxed poetic about the generosity of the Macatawa Cycling Club and their efforts on our behalf elsewhere on this forum but suffice to say that any JDRF riders get to ride for free and will be eligible to win a $300 donation from the club!!! Let's make a big showing and turn it into a team ride and JDRF jersey festival! We're planning 2 group starts - one for folks doing the 19 or 36 mile routes & another for the 67 milers and century riders. (The oft-mentioned coming e-mail will fill in the gaps)

7/28 - Team Ride! (Details blahblahblah)

8/3 - 6 and 12 Hours of Pando!

8/4 - Team Ride - Tour de Taco! Our annual celebration of grilled fajitas and fellowship @ case de Clark in Holland.

8/10 - ODRAM!!! (and MARDO!)

Dang! Is that a rockin' list of chances to git'cher BikeFace on or what!?!?! (Looks like 7 more pieces of evidence that we're the Coolest Team Ever to me!)

Okay - it's time to wrap this up. I can't wait to ride w/ you again at some (or all!) of these upcoming chances to get together - 'cuz Type 1 needs to know that we are coming and its goose is COOKED!

Thanks for all you do - you all ROCK w/ a capital R and I'm prouder n' proud to ride alongside you!

See you soon, Ride on!
Coach MC


Heather said...

July 7th for the team ride, right? Not Monday the 8th?

Heather said...

July 7th for the team ride, right? Not Monday the 8th?