Sunday, June 9, 2013

TEAM RIDE 4 REPORT! (The day the weatherman lied)

The forecast for Ride day (Sunday 6/9) was all over the map - all day rain (that was Thurs), chance of rain all day, especially afternoon (Fri), rain in the evening (Sat) etc etc etc. What they NEVER called for was "delightful sunny awesomeness, w/ just enough clouds to break it up, a bit too much wind if you were riding a bicycle south and a few sprinkles just as you were packing up to make you feel kinda smug for squeezing alla the juice outta the day."

So - naturally (this being the Mitten n' all) that's EXACTLY what we got!

We had a decent turnout, in light of all the graduation parties, vacations and other challenges out there:

Coach Did & Kirsten
All 3 Scheidels
Vern V
Special Guest Star Patti "Dr Professor Captain" B
Kim M
Brad S
Host-With-The-Most JD
Chris R and daughter Kristina
Scott W
Tom M
Paul B
Michelle "Please don't gimme anymore nicknames!" C
Special Guests Bill & Sue G (Fam of JD's) as well as John D from GR
Coach MC & Lin

Not to mention our "Ground Crew" of Maggie & Donna - keeping it real on the grill!

It was a fantastic ride - one that my buddy John D called "the best group ride he's ever done" - we rode together down to New Richmond and across the old bridge. After that we split into a 30 and a 43 mile group and went our merry ways. Both groups rode well together (Hey, I'm the coach - I hear things!) and the goodly assortment of ups were dealt with in style.

Back @ the lake much consumption of brats, chicken, cookies, cupcakes and other critical elements of an athlete's recovery process was observed - along w/ laying in the grass, laughter and general group awesomeness.

A fine day indeed - that's all I'm sayin'.

Our next Team Ride is a week from today - on 6/16. Yes - that IS Father's Day and we certainly understand that family matters may well intrude. It's ALSO the day after Did, Kaat and I attempt the Lumberjack 100 mountainbike race so if you've been lookin' for a chance to put it to us - here ya go!

The details will be sent via e-mail ASAP - but you can count on the location being on GR's east side. (Yes - where the hills are - sigh)

Okay - enough for now........thanks again to everyone that made today special and an even BIGGER thanks to everyone on the team - 'cuz y'all are ALL making everyday special and keepin' T1D looking over its shoulder!

You guys ROCK - you know that, right?

Coach Mike

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