Wednesday, June 5, 2013



Here are some numbers for ya:

51 days 'til Burlington!
72 days 'til La Crosse!
93 days 'til Tahoe!
107 days 'til Nashville!
135 days 'til Death Valley!
170 days 'til Tucson!!!!!!

In other words.....time is slipping by! I trust that your riding AND fund-raising is in good shape as I type these words on a sunny-if-kinda-cool Wed morn.

This Sunday brings us a Special Team Ride - hosted by long-time teammate JD Stone out @ Eldean's Shipyard in Macatawa. This be-YOO-ti-ful spot is right on Lake Mac, offers a pool and picnic area and we ALWAYS have a blast!

The deets:

We ROLL at noon. Not 12:10. Not 12:18 after we see you roll in @ 12:10. NOON. Please arrive in time to kit up, pump your tires, fill your bottles and roll at NOON.

(Did I mention that we roll @ 12:00?)

There will be 3 lovely route options of 43, 32 and 20(ish) miles. Those of you who ride in these parts often are well aware that there are limitless options to add (or subtract) a bit if need be.

The post-ride repast is will be anchored (a boat reference - har!) by GrillMeister JD's brats and chicken. Please bring something to share (if you are so inclined) and we sure hope to see you there!

You should have an e-mail w/ location details - holler if not.

See you soon, keep it rolling and keep on rockin'!

Coach MC

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