Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Howdy Team!

Well - a buncha us will be heading out to DV in a couple of weeks to administer yet another whuppin' to T1d and there's a few NEW wrinkles that I wanna make sure we are all aware of. As you may have heard - the Park is under a new supervisor and she has initiated a complete Safety Review of every Special Event Request to use the park for any reason. Now - they like us, they really do. Our Ride's have always met standards of safely and organization far beyond their requirements. In fact - it wouldn't be a stretch to say that their new (and far more stringent) safety guidelines are based on stuff we've always done.

But. (you heard that comin', right?)

We will be under far more scrutiny that in years past. They really only have 2 requests. (demands, really) and they are these:

1. We MUST ride single-file.
2. We MUST NOT interfere w/ the ability of other guests to enjoy the park.

They will actually have staff assigned to do nothing on Saturday but watch us.....that's new.

So - please - go out there determined NOT to be the "Million Dollar Rider", okay? (we're gonna raise about 900k+ out there this year, DV is the birthplace and spiritual home of the Ride Program and we can't lose it because our riders can't follow the rules!)

I know that I can count on you guys. Ride single file at all times. Remind others to do the same. When stopping at the rest stops please make sure that you are off of the road and clear of traffic.

A couple of other new wrinkles:

We will not be able to ride up to Zabraskie Point this year. The area is undergoing a complete renovation and isn't open to anyone. (Yes - that means we'll hafta find another place to star-gaze - I bet we can!)

There will also be no going past the rest stop atop Jubilee to get your picture taken @ the infamous sign. The N.P.S. was adamant on that point. Chuck Hodge assures me that he has "something up his sleeve" that will suffice as a replacement - never fear!

Other than those few things...............it's gonna be "business as usual" out in the Valley! We're gonna have a BLAST, ride smart and well and give that big jerk T1d another big ol' kick in the crotch!

This is probably a good time to mention that DV is a great place to have a realistic distance goal. This can be a hard place to ride, not gonna lie, and not the best place to "go for it" and shoot for a personal best in either distance or time. Please roll off of the Start Line w/ a goal in mind that's within reach...and feel free to contact Derek, Kaat, Michelle or myself if you'd like some input on that. We'll all be out there - alongside 18 other coaches - with no agenda other than making sure that YOU have a great ride.

Be smart. Stay hydrated. Stay safe. We need you riding back safe, sound, smiling and under your own power 'cuz that equals a successful ride!

One more thing - please make sure that your bike's are up to the challenge. The Bike Room Gig in DV is extra-challenging 'cuz we can't run down to the local shop to get parts. There ain't no "local shop"! I'll have an extra-large crew and as many spare parts as possible...even spare bikes!....but there's no substitute for riding your own bike and knowing that it's gonna be ready to rock. So - if it's been awhile since you had it tuned up, looked over or had the chain, tires or brake pads checked for wear.....now'd be a good time!

Okay - that seems like a lot...but there's a lot to cover. Please check out the other DV posts here on the Blog for other advice and tips and - above all - please do not hesitate to reach out w/ ANY questions. Your coaching staff has a total of 20-some years of DV Ride experience....we can help!

So - I'll see you in the Valley if not before. I'm proud to be a member of this team and couldn't be more proud or thrilled to ride w/ you all.

You rock w/ a capital "R"....alla y'all!

Coach MC


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