Sunday, September 28, 2014

Team Ride 14 Report/Team Ride 15 Notice!

Wow, weather, dang. It truly does not get much better than mid-70's and sunny, does it?!?! Eleven good folk rode out of Ada Park today, and visited Saranac, the outskirts of Lowell and Ionia, and the metropolis of Lyons. Ice cream products were consumed with some gusto, though we'll have to note that the ice cream place in the laundromat closes in early September.

Making due with gas station choco-tacos and M&M cookie ice cream sandwiches were:

John J
Scott W
Kevin C
Suzy D
Linda C
Cindy A
Josh M
Kirsten D, giddilly making her maiden voyage on titanium
Special Guest Star Joe K (from 3CC!)
and li'l ol' me.

So,we're gonna have another TEAM RIDE next weekend - after your coaching staff and a fair number of your teammates do a bit of a cyclocross race which you should come watch!

The ride, we'll do from Townsend Park in Cannonsburg (that's here: We'll roll at about 2 pm for something like 35-40 miles. As for the race, it's at Manhattan Park (here:, with an 11am race time. Shouting, heckling, and musical instrument honking would be most delightful!

We're inside 3 weeks to Death Valley, rockstars!

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Kirsten said...

*runs in* ZEEEP! *runs out giggling*