Monday, September 15, 2014

Team Ride Thirteen Reeeeeeeporting for duty SIR

Aaaaaaaaaaand BAM IT'S AUTUMN. No, not Autumn, the girl who turned you down for Prom, quit living in the past you yobbo! We're talkin' about the season colloquially known as Fall! Golden trees! Wool knickers! Cyclocross! Funny-shaped sportsball!

Even though it isn't. It's still summer, no matter how much sheep fur was in our laundry Sunday night.

But we had a heck of nice ride, and a good solid productive one at that, with a hill or eight to climb and I'm pretty sure a headwind no matter what direction we went, and filled out a bit more than 57 miles to boot!

In attendance:
Hosts Megan* and Jordan and Ben and Zoe (or is it Zoë?)
Kevin C*
Scott W*
Tom S
Mary S
Suzy D*
Coach Michelle*
Provisionally approved Michelle-stealin' dude Chase
John J
Suzanne A*
Nick C
Paul C*
Cindy A
Linda TP
Josh M*
Jeremy P*
Special Guest Star Mandy
Special Guest Star Ginger (y'all know that's my mom, right?)
Linda C
Coach MC
Kirsten D
And me, your own hill-findin' did

Those asterisks up there? Those are people who, in one month and 3 days, will experience Death Valley for the first time. How cool is that?!?!?!

On that note - there's gonna be a lot of practical communication coming up in the next few weeks, so pay attention to your email First up, you should have had some info regarding the truck that'll be transporting our bikes out west. Didn't get it? Get in touch with your coaches or with the chapter office staff!

Keep on rocking and riding!

***D'oh! I forgot to write down CLIFF L! I was so excited about figuring out how to do the two little dots over the e in Zoë... I owe ya a Spotted Cow, sir!

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