Thursday, May 3, 2007

My first ride

Well, since Chad admitted to just starting training, I guess I will to. I got out on Sunday inbetween painting pictures frames and creating cement garden stones with the girls. It was a crafting weekend, but I decided (was forced) to get some bike time in.

My bike has been in the basement, unused for many, MANY moons. I walked by it every once in a while, but did not miss it. Steve brought it upstairs and pumped my tires for me (because I am the ultimate lazy person on Sundays - and he knew I'd never go if he didn't push me along).

I have to say, once I got the shorts & jersey on, it felt good. I only did a 7+ mile loop near our house. I may have gone longer, however, there are about a BILLION churches around us and people apparently are in a great rush to get to church on time. I had a few near misses with nice church going folk not wanting to share the road. I wish I could put Xs on the map below for every church I passed. In my head right now I'm counting eight on the route.

Here's my route. (Thanks Derek for the link, I like it!)

Good news: I wasn't tired, it actually felt good and I now realize I like riding my bike again. I'm going to try to get out again tonight. Thinking about riding this:


did said...

I added you to my Routeslip Paceline!

I have no idea what that means, though.


Chad said...

RouteSlip looks sweet, but have you read the blog over there? Sounds like the guy that runs it is overwhelmed. It will stick around, but it won't be improved. I keep getting an error when I try to save a route...oh well. It is still a cool site for finding nearby rides.

Katie said...

So... my 17 mile jaunt turned into a .97 mile ride with the girls around the neighborhood. It entailed a lot of me circling around waiting for them.

Tom and Mary Scheidel said...

I had the same problem with RouteSlip. Looks like a cool site, but you're right about the guy who runs it.

Add me to the Paceline too. Whatever that means.