Thursday, May 24, 2007

sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!

Hey, everyone - just sendin' out a reminder that this Sunday, May 27, is another team ride. We'll be leaving from Townsend Park in Cannonsburg - yarr, here be a map!

Start time is 2, but get there early and we'll do a tire-changin' seminar. Doin' your first tire change in a nice gazebo in the company of sympathetic experts is way better than doin' it by the side of the road next to, say, a rodeo parking lot.

Pop up a comment if you'll be there - weather looks a little questionable, but that just means you get extra hard-core points for showing up.

Post-ride snackies are quite likely, too. Wouldn't want you to get too skinny, y'know.



Nicole said...

mmmmm....salsa. see you there.

Tom and Mary Scheidel said...

Sorry, we'll be out of town all weekend. Soccer tournament in Canton. Have fun, Townsend Park is a great place to ride.

club-velo said...

Needless to say (he said needlessly).....I'll be there! Most likely I'll have the lovely-and-official-Team-Support-Queen Linda w/ me on the back of the big orange tandem. We'll have a cooler fulla snacks, more chips-n-salsa that Katie AND Nicole can possibly consume and at least one really bad joke.

Meet me there @ 1:00 if'n yawanna talk 'bout flat tires...otherwise we roll out @ 2:00pm! The terrain around there is on the ....well...."roll-ish" side so be prapared to do a little climbing now-and-then. (Not too bad though!)

See you there!

Thanks for the map Did!

Coach Mike

Katie said...

Katie and Steve will be there (we are bringing Nicole). I'm hoping my bike seat dries out from yesterdays rainshowers.