Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Team Ride Report, 5-27-07

What a hoot! We had the best turnout of the season for the ride last Sunday........15 riders met up @ Townsend Park in bee-yoo-ti-ful Cannonsburg for 38 rolling and occasionally windy miles. The roiute was great and I have my buddy Jim to thank for settin' me up w/ a cool loop that took us north and west from the park, back through Rockford and back to the park for the customary post-ride chip-n-salsa.
The roster: Alumni Sarah, John, Derrick, Steve, Katie, Nicole, Danielle.
'07 DV'ers Kevin, Ted, Kelly (Sarah's cuz from Chicago).
'07 Whitefish'ers Jack and Cindy.
Special Guests Scott and Linda (Spouse-types of Danielle and meself).

(Man....I hope I didn't miss anyone! If I did.....let me know and I'll owe you one!)

Everyone rode well and the whining wa kept to a minimum....(well, unless you were riding w/ Katie like I was!) I think we have a buncha good riders this season and I can't wait to see how folks ride out west!

Our next rides are on 6/17 and 6/24, be sure to check the website for the details.

Other ride opportunities comin up:
The 100 Grand in GR is this Saturday. It's a great ride and a chance to get lotsa miles. We're also doing the Ride support tent there as well....contact Katie if you wanna pitch in.
The shop is hosting the "Pasta Bash Ride" on Sunday the 3rd. This is the June edition of our "Fun-Raiser" series and there will be pasta served post ride. No charge and there will be 2 loops (about 25 and 35 miles) and groups for all abilities. The roll-out is @ 2:00.
Don't forget the weekly Tuesday Night Ride......it leaves the shop @ 6:00.
Speaking of Tuesday nights......we're also offering "Bike School" every Tuesday @ 5PM. 45-50 minutes of discussion and demonstration on everything from roadside repairs to proper shifting. No charge of course and the details are on our website (www.velo-citycycles.com)
By the way....on Tuesday the 12th we'll have the Cannondale Demo Van here for the ride. You can meet Jason, the C-Dale rep that's been so supportive of the team, and ride some new bikes.

I think that's all I have to report at the moment...........it's the time of the season when's there's tons of stuff going on and it's greta to be a cyclist! Be sure to let me know what you need from me!

Remember....all the rides still have room for more riders. Keeep talkin' to your friends, family and co-workers about what a cool deal this is!

You guys rock, have I mentioned that lately?

Ride lots, be safe, let's kick diabetes' butt!
Coach Mike


Katie said...

no comment. ;-)

Nicole said...

What are you talking about, Mike? Katie never complains. Kinda like Derek never gets flats. Oh, wait....

club-velo said...

I especially like the idea that she wanted to say "no comment" bad enough that she actually bothered to log on just to say "no commment" rather than just not doing anything at all........which would have REALLY been "no comment"!

Full disclosure Department: For those of you on our team that are unfortunate enough not to have had the pleasure of riding w/ Katie.....you are missing out! She's an absolute joy to ride with, a proverbial ray of sunshine regardless of the situation and that's the 100% truth. (The fact that she's sitting here with a gun to my head notwithstanding)

Next Team Ride.......6/17. Hope to see you there!