Thursday, May 10, 2007


It's hot in Death Valley.

Just in case you weren't sure. Y'know.

I'm bored.


Nicole said...

aren't you going to Whitefish this year?

by the way, if so... :(

did said...

Yep, all the Herman Millerites are going to Whitefish. It's cool to be seeing a new location, but I'll miss all y'all (and the Death Valley sky - see my previous post, there).

club-velo said...

"Yeah, but it's a dry heat"

Truth is.......the heat's just what it is. YOu drink, you make sure that you're hydrated, you slather on the sun-goop, you hope to pee every rest stop or so.......and it's all good.

Remembering last years's ride.......I didn't hear one word about the heat! (Let's hope that we're talkin' about the heat instead of the wind this time 'round!)

Remember.....Team Training Ride this Sunday! Watch for an e-mail tomorrow.


Anonymous said...


Can you psot the team ride info on this blog also?

Nicole said...

Hello, Anon. I can help with that. This site is our homepage: You can click on 'Training Calendar' to see the schedule of rides. We'll be posting all sorts of goodies on this site as the Rides approach!