Monday, August 13, 2007


OK, gang...should we have a bit of a chat about who's bringing what for the gathering on Sunday? I know our lovely hosts the O'Connors take care of the BBQ, what is everyone else thinking of bringing along (besides their healthy appetites)?


club-velo said...

Yeah, Pool Par-Tay Bay-Bee!!!! It's gonna be a hoot and you will fer-sure not wanna miss it!

All you HM/Whitefish riders that find yourselves bikeless as of tomorrow remember to contact me asap if you want me to try and find you something to ride, okay?

Ride at 9:00.
Party from 1:00-7:00
Post-party-party on the Red Dock in Saugatuck/Douglas featuring the Last Call Band 4:00-8:00. (About 6 miles from Ann-n-John's).

Remember to invite family and anyone that you are riding in honor of to the party and we're gonna try and get everyone from the JDRF office as well. (Julie? Maxine? You guys in or what?)

See you then if not before.

YOu guys rock, have I mentioned that?


did said...

We're planning on bringing a crock pot o' cheezy salsa meat dip stuff - should we bring chips to go along with it?


Tom & Mary Scheidel said...

No Derek, just bring spoons.

Katie said...

i'm thinking of a salad...

pea said...

I'm not sure what exactly I'm bringing to share, but it'll probably something in the order of dessert! (My favorite food group.)


Nicole said...

I've got the fixin's for a wicked-good lemon/cheese/pine nut pasta salad thing.