Saturday, August 18, 2007

Such is life

So, I'm grumbling this morning (not because of ride stuff). I opened the box containing 750 new test strips for my and Ellie's blood glucose meters this morning. They changed the packaging. And you will think, but Katie - why would this put you in a grumpy mood? Well, they made the vials that hold 25 strips each larger, and the new vials won't fit into the cases that carry our meter, strips and poker. WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA? I guess we keep the old vials and just move strips into them as we need it. We'll just have to tell daycare and school that the code on the vial and code in the meter don't match for a reason and yes we know the vial says the strips have expired but they really haven't.

Crazy. Just crazy. I want to find the person who thought this was a good idea (and I know who it is - a man with big fingers that didn't fit in the old vials). Such is life.

I am looking forward to the ride and pool party tomorrow. I hope the weather holds out (and I survive my 15-year high school reunion tonight!).


Anonymous said...

That's what we love about you, Katie. You tell it like it is! No sugar-coated readers digest pc-lite version,...just tellin' it the way you see it! And we love you for that!

Chad said...

Just saw your post this morning. Yeah, we had the same thing with Ben's test strips. Even a 7 year old knows that was a bone head move to make the vial so much bigger. We've been doing the same thing by moving them to the older vial, but you're right about the code and the expiration date. It's just a bad deal all around. Don't they know that all of these kits have little holders that depend on the vial being a certain size?

Know that you are not the only one frustrated by this.