Monday, August 27, 2007

Whitefish Report 8/27/07

Hopefully everyone has recieved my "official" Ride Report in their inbox by now, (and if you haven't...please let me know!) but I just wanted to chime in again about what a special group of riders it was that I was privileged to share the MT experience with last weekend!

Here's a dirty little Coach secret that we all talk about when we have our special little meeting @ breakfast on Friday. (Don't tell on me or the other coaches will take away my special "Coach" jersey!) We get way more out of this than we put in! JDRF takes good care of us, gives us all that fancy lycra and Tim makes a big fuss over us in front of everyone on Friday night. Shucks.......there's even a special award just for us! Then there's all the warm fuzzies that we get from you guys on top of all that! So, to earn all that stuff all I gotta do is ride (which I do anyways!) and hang out w/ you guys! (Which I'd do anyways if you'd let me!)

See what I mean? It's a pretty sweet deal from my point of view and I couldn't mean it any more when I say that I'm honored and humbled that it's okay w/ you guys that I hang around as your "coach".

Thanks again, and congradulations to each and every one of you..........August MT'rs, September MT's and DV'rs all!

Anyway............Looking forward to reports and pix from everyone! I have a few........a disproportionate number of which are of Linda, Diana and Rod! Still...........maybe I'll figure out how to post them w/out Cahd havin' to rescue me. (Don't hold your breath!)



Katie said...

If you can all upload your photos (w/ Captions is nice) to a Picasa album, I can then download them and put them in "the" Ride album that will show up on the blog, and the website.

Post the link to your picasa album on the blog, or email the link to me:

Tom & Mary Scheidel said...


There are going to be a LOT of Montana photos. It will take a long time to scroll thru them in the photo viewer we are currently using on the blog site. Is there another way for people to upload photos and make them accessible to the group?

Katie said...

You can look at them on picasa, you don't have to stay in the viewer on this website.

We can do flikr, but you will have the same time issues, I think. I use both.

Maybe just everyone submit their favorite pictures and we can put them up there. ?

did said...

I have 700 MB of photos, even after culling a few duds. I expect that I'm not unusual in the group, either - everyone had a camera, and they were all out, all the time. Glacier National Park is very photogenic!

I hope to pop up a few later today...


Cindy A said...

Is there a link somewhere to a Picasa site I have never heard of this?

did said...

Cindy -

We'll have to post links to the individual galleries; some folks are putting their pictures on Flikr, too.